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Benjamin Angless

Ben believes creating strong relationships with clients though his hard work and easy going personality is the key to his particular success at DSA Prospect.

When not helping his clients you will find him competing in long distance triathlons.

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Ben graduated from the University of Warwick where he studied physics and helped in the most infinitesimal manner with the development of particle detectors. Afterwards he gravitated towards accountancy where he met Alec and Gary and was their first recruit when they formed DSA Prospect. Ben works closely with clients to introduce and develop systems to achieve reliable financial reporting and effectiveness and efficiency of operations. He enjoys taking clients to the next level and adding real value to their business. Ben also provides advice to clients about the tax implications of externally or internally initiated changes in a clear and concise manner, as well as negotiating on their behalf with tax authorities. When Ben is not in full training for the next triathlon, he will probably be planning his next trip to an exotic and distant land!

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