Should I Outsource My Payroll?


Managing payroll varies for most businesses regardless of their size - some opt for employing an internal payroll manager, others take more of a do-it-yourself approach and some look to outsource.

The option chosen is usually dependent on several factors, however this article takes a closer look at some of the key reasons why it might be beneficial to outsource your payroll.

Once an area with a reputation for being on the more straightforward side of business administration, payroll has become an area potentially fraught with regulation and the pitfalls of getting it wrong can well outweigh any benefits in terms of both time and money - the peace of mind from knowing that our qualified professionals are taking care of these matters and allowing them to concentrate on running your business is therefore highly valued by our clients.

With recent updates around matters such as RTI and auto-enrolment pensions, as well as encompassing areas such as benefits/P11d and CIS for contractors, payroll has become a highly complex area of legislation and compliance.

Regardless of the size of the arrangement, even the smallest oversights or errors can be potentially costly and attract wider unwanted HMRC attention to the business - the use of a professional payroll bureau can therefore both keep you up to date with constant changes and ensure exposure to risk of non-compliance is mitigated.

Headed up by Sharon Derrick and Nicola Henman with a wealth of experience between them, our dedicated payroll department oversee a huge range of payroll assignments from individuals to larger businesses of 300+ employees.

Sharon Derrick                                         Nicola Henman

 “The work by Sharon and the payroll department at DSA Prospect in managing our significant payroll has been invaluable – the time it has created for us to focus on operational matters within the business has been hugely supportive, and the helpfulness and approachability of the team make them a pleasure to work with” 

  - Andrew Norton – Director, Energy Kidz Ltd

Using the latest technology and software to ensure processing, reporting and filing are dealt with efficiently and accurately, our comprehensive payroll service has been helping our clients remain compliant and hassle-free for almost a decade.

To discuss how they can help ease your administrative workload and keep you up to speed in an ever-changing legislative environment please don’t hesitate to give us a call.