Specialist Services

Maximising efficiency, safeguarding compliance and encouraging growth with our range of specialist services designed for your individual needs.

From strategic advisory to comprehensive business support for every industry, we invest in your future and specialise in ensuring you realise your full potential.

Specialist Services

Mergers, Acquisitions and Disposals

Whatever the transaction size, our experienced and professional team design strategies that are unique to you. From initial advisory, tax and structural planning to business valuations and due diligence, our transaction services will ensure the best possible outcome for you and your business.

Research & Development

R&D tax credits are a complicated but potentially vital tool for both growing and established businesses, and many don't realise that they are entitled to make claim. Our experienced team will advise on eligibility and manage the process on your behalf so you can spend more time accelerating your business and less time worrying about the paperwork.

Tax Investigations

A tax investigation can be triggered for various reasons and is often a costly and time consuming process. Getting the right advice early on is an important first step and our experienced team is available to support you throughout the investigation process.

Hospitality Industry

The landscape of the hospitality industry is always changing and requires an intricate financial system to manage the various business and accounting responsibilities. We work with a diverse client base in the hospitality industry, providing business advisory and services to help you gain insight into your business's financial health and practical guidance to help drive growth.

Property & Construction

Our firm offers a range of solutions to support the property and construction sector including essential accounting and financial management services provided by professional team. Our strategic advice and services are backed by industry knowledge and focussed on giving you what you need to grow your portfolio.

IT, Media & Creative Industries

We've worked with a range of businesses across the tech and creative industries, offering services focussed on helping you run your organisation efficiently and effectively. We can help you manage your tax and accounts at any stage of your business journey and our dedicated team will not only ensure you're compliant, but also in a position to scale up.

Farming & Agriculture

Requiring a specialist skill set and an understanding of the industry, you want to ensure your farm-focussed and agricultural company is in safe hands when it comes to your accounts. Our team offer constructive advice and account solutions that help protect your financial profile and make informed decisions. 

Charitable Organisations

Accounting for charitable organisations is complex and subject to varying compliance regulations. We offer charity services which include taxation, VAT, auditing and strategic planning to keep your charity compliant while also giving you the time to focus on the things that matter.


"Gary and the team DSA Prospect have been hugely influential in ensuring the safeguarding and growth of our business in an ever-changing economic climate. Their proactive approach and strategic thinking has enabled us to focus on running our business whilst being safe in the knowledge we are both compliant and our exposure to business risk is mitigated."

Matthew Coplestone - Director, Earthline Limited

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